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USA has over 18,000 – Germany has over 6,000 museums. These include museums for weapons, wars, sex-museums and museums for many other things, still there is no museum for love. But love is the highest of all.

It is now possible to create a museum in the truest sense of the word, a „Shrine for the Muses“. The concept includes an interactive lovemuseum for all the senses. This will be a worldwide unique place for love with all its romantic, sensual riches and arts.

You can vote in which city the lovemuseum will be built. Donate at and add the name of the city where the museum is to be built. The city with the most frequent entries receives the award, when the sum is reched.

This will be an exciting, positive competition between the cities to see, which city stands more for love. New Yoork City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, Cologne, Paris? Where do most of the lovers live? Which city gets the real Lovemuseum with its „Walk of Love“? The deadline for assistance ist May 15, 2019. Please Vote bevor.

The museum for romantic Love is for people in the city, in the region, who can also get involved with their love stories etc. At the same time, it will enhance the image of the selected city and country. And it is also a magnet for people in the world and will attract many guests.

A museum almost never bears the cost of entrance fees. The museums, that are economically successful, achieve this through a museum-shop. Just for Love there are very nice articles, which we offer in a shop and the museum will carry itself so financially further.


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